I have what?

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ressie and I can be described as:

Funny, loving, kind, caring, bitchy, outspoken, unusual, different, empathetic, silly, fun-loving, old-soul, leader, introspective, deep-thinker, hard-worker and a genuinely “good” person.

What do people see?

They see a woman who has beat the odds considering her past. People view me as a hard-working optimist that never gives in or gives up. A person that loves life, people and gives 100% in everything. I am well-educated, met an amazing man/husband, I had two beautiful and healthy children.  I’ve spent 15 years in a rewarding career working with children and families of people with Autism, I live in a single house in the burbs, drive a nice car and have two dogs and a fish. I have a mostly wonderful family, amazing friends and I love to have fun.

Honestly speaking…I have everything I need and mostly everything I want minus a personal chef, a real panda bear, 3 vacations per year, tummy tuck, personal trainer and a full-time nanny to help out with my amazing children…that can sometimes be soooooo fucking annoying. If you’re a mom…you know what I mean. But for serious, I know I have it good and despite all odds, I deserve this life that I live.

So what’s the problem?

Up until recently, I thought I was doing a great job of managing life’s ups and downs. You know, the everyday things we all balance:

(Family, Kids, Marriage, Bills, Work, Me-time, Breaks, Holding down the fort, Laundry, Food shopping, preparing meals, Drop offs and Pick-ups, Play-dates, Husband traveling, Advocating for my son, Teaching my children good morals and values, Exercising, Eating healthy, Socializing, Planning, Worrying, Flexibility, Reciprocating friendships and just trying to be a good person and not take life for granted.

The problem is…


Not to be mistaken with hysteria, craziness, pseudo seizures or any other label people want to call it. These are REAL seizures that are just as common as multiple sclerosis but people don’t want to talk about them because they fall under the mental health umbrella.

It’s estimated that 2-33% of every 100,000 people have PNES

The prevalence of PNES in an average epilepsy center ranges somewhere between 15-40% of patients

If you break a leg…you fix it

If you have Cancer…you get treatment

If you have anything pertaining to mental health or mental illness…you hide behind it in fear that people will label, judge and ridicule you.

Well I’m here to break the silence on a topic that is more prevalent than people think. I would much rather be an advocate than have knowledge and choose ignorance.

My intention for this blog is to educate others and also allow you to be apart of my journey with me. I thought about what this might mean for my family and myself but I would much rather be called names than to blindly avoid a topic that is not mainstream and should be. People out there are suffering. They are going on and off anti-seizure medications, being put on anti-psychotic medications for no reason other than the medical profession does not understand this.  It takes an average of SEVEN years to receive this diagnosis. Wow…

I received my diagnosis at Jefferson University Hospital on July 31, 2015. As an educator, I can’t possibly keep this knowledge all to myself. My intention is to help myself, others and make PNES more acceptable and mainstream.

My first order of business is to share with you an unbelievable resource by Dr. Lorna Myers.  You can purchase this on Amazon:



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